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Bertone, known for producing some of the most iconic car designs, is back with an all-new hypercar, the GB110. This masterpiece stands at the forefront of innovation and performance while also being built around sustainability, being the first car to run on Select Fuel made from plastic waste.

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The Bertone name has been synonymous with automotive design for the last 110 years, so it’s no surprise that the iconic brand is making a triumphant return under new leadership. Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci are passionate owners determined to continue Bertone’s innovation and design legacy. To mark this milestone, the company is releasing the GB110, a limited edition vehicle that heralds an exciting new era for Bertone. In addition to its sleek design, the GB110 also boasts a noteworthy feature: it will be powered by Select Fuel. This breakthrough shows that Bertone is dedicated to innovation in both design and environmental sustainability.

“We believe that de-pollution will require different solutions with combinations of technologies. Plastic waste needs to be treated as a valuable resource. Through our partnership with Select Fuel we take what was once waste and convert it back into its original form.”

Jean-Franck Ricci

CEO of Bertone

Low Carbon Fuel Made from Plastic Waste

At Select Fuel, we recognize that plastic waste is a major environmental problem. We have committed to developing technologies that convert polycarbonate materials into low carbon fuels. With our cutting-edge Advanced Plastics to Fuel Technology, Select Fuel products can be used in many different applications. Our fuels are used in everything from the transportation industry and low carbon aviation fuel to motorsport and high-end sports cars including the Bertone GB110.


The Problem: Recyclable products in landfills

Learn about how Rubber Tire & Plastic waste is a problem in our world.

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Learn how we treat recyclable Rubber Tire & Plastic waste as a valuable resource.

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