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About Us

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Plastics arguably could be one of the greatest man-made inventions. With this material, consumer goods produced are cheaper and more accessible, allowing society to advance in ways that would have never been possible using natural materials. The big problem is that plastics don’t break down and have been piling up in our landfills and waterways for decades. They are dangerous not only for our environment but also for humans and animals as bi-products such as BPAs have leached into our food and water.

After years of working in the waste management industry, Select Fuel’s CEO David Riley saw the insane amounts of plastic collected and in our landfills firsthand. He was concerned not only for his health but also for his family’s health and the future environment in which his children would grow up. After searching many years for a solution, David came across a technology that could convert plastics back into the products they were created from, Low Carbon Fuel, and therefore Select Fuel was started.

Our Vision

To take unrecyclable and unusable plastic waste from our landfills and waterways and convert it into a valuable resource.
Select Fuel Process

The Problem: Plastic Waste

Learn about how plastic waste is a problem in our world.

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Our Solution

Learn how we treat plastic waste as a valuable resource.

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