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About Us

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​The wheel is acknowledged as one of humanity’s most remarkable creations. Its development led to the invention of rubber tires, which offered durability, shock absorption, and resistance to scratches and abrasions.

However, rubber tires have raised significant environmental concerns due to their slow degradation and contribution to pollution. Disposed tires are primarily sent to landfills, posing a high risk of fires and the release of toxic emissions.

Another pressing global issue is the accumulation of plastic waste, which does not break down and has been accumulating in landfills and waterways for decades. This accumulation poses dangers for our environment and humans and animals, as harmful substances like BPAs leach into our food and water.

After years of working in the waste management industry, Select Fuel’s CEO, David Riley, saw firsthand large amounts of recyclable materials collected in our landfills. He was concerned not only for his health but also for his family’s health and the future environment in which his children would grow up. After searching for a solution for many years, David came across a technology that could convert recyclable material into Biofuel and various Low-carbon fuels, and therefore, Select Fuel was started.

Select Fuel Process

Our Mission

Select Fuel has developed patented technologies that convert recycled waste into low-carbon biofuels, aiming to tackle the global problem of rubber tires and plastic waste and positively impact the environment.

Our Vision

Select Fuel’s vision is to revolutionize low-carbon fuel production through innovative technologies, creating a sustainable and circular economy that benefits both the environment and society.

The Problem: Recyclable products in landfills

Learn about how Rubber Tire & Plastic waste is a problem in our world.

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Our Solution

Learn how we treat recyclable Rubber Tire & Plastic waste as a valuable resource.

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